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Cucumbers a Plenty

My cucumbers are growing splendidly. Not the pickling kind of course. The regular eating kind are going gang busters.

I decided to try a refrigerator bread and butter pickle. I wasn’t sure that regular cucumbers would be good as pickles. Not wanting to waste time canning something that wouldn’t turn out I went with the easy refrigerator recipe.

Here are the cucumbers I used.


I bought this handy dandy mandolin years ago at Fred Meyer. This sticker that is still on it shows $9.99. I love this thing.


Be very careful that you don’t slice your finger off. It’s that sharp. It comes with a thing you are supposed to use to prevent that from happening. I use it occasionally.


Less than two minutes later I had my required six cups of sliced cucumbers.


Heated up a little vinegar and sugar. Sliced up some onion and green pepper and here it is. Refrigerator bread and butter pickles.


Michael and Joshua love them. Nicholas has never liked sweet pickles.

It worked so well and I still had plenty of cucumbers that I decided to throw together Japanese Cucumber Salad. Mmmmm. Very good.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to use up slicing cucumbers let me know in the comments section.

Happy pickling from Salt Creek Farm.



  1. Aunt Ginny Aunt Ginny
    August 7, 2014    

    Karren has been sending the occasional posting. I have enjoyed reading them. Was very grateful to find the link to your blog. You are a talented and entertaining writer. I so appreciate the little glimpses into your life. Thank you. Hope all is well with my dear nephew Michael and your lovely family.

    Chopped cucumbers mixed with Greek yogurt, a little olive oil, salt, pepper , and fresh mint makes a wonderful condiment to any spicy food cooked with middle eastern spices. Great for stuffing into a pita with grilled eggplant and roasted peppers also.

      August 7, 2014    

      Mmmm. That sounds delightful.
      We are glad you are following along with us.

    • Saundra Saundra
      August 8, 2014    

      This sounds refreshingly delicious. Thank you

  2. Saundra Saundra
    August 8, 2014    

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This lady enjoys learning …. Our cucumbers are coming in, I already have a mandolin, and I love the simplicity of this process. I’ll let you know how they turn out. Lots of love

  3. August 12, 2014    

    Our neighbor said the same on the greek yogurt recipe, she said to be sure to use the unsweetened kind. Also, she makes one with no exact amounts of anything, just “to taste”: cucumbers (peeled or not if the skins are thin enough), a little vinegar, a little brown sugar, a little dry dill, a little olive oil. Leave it sit for a little while if you’d like to “marinate”.

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