Chicks Rule

Finally. After nearly 15 years I am not the only female. Three months after getting married Michael and I brought home the most adorable BOY Beagle puppy. From then on every living thing added to our home has been a male.

Moving to the farm added yet another male with the addition of Luke. I felt like I was still on the minority team. Then we added our adorable FEMALE goats. Halle Berry and Brown Sugar. The teams were now Girls: 3   Boys: 4. Then a cat adopted us. A boy cat. Girls: 3  Boys: 5.

Today all that has changed. We brought home 10 darling baby FEMALE chicks. We ordered 12 chicks (4 Ameraucana, 4 Australorp and 4 Barred Rock). Only two of the Australorp were in the shipment.

Here are two of the Ameraucana. Their eggs will be blue.

DSC_8930      DSC_8921

Here is an Australorp


Here is the Barred Rock. The spot on the top of it’s head will be yellow. It was dyed for shipping.


Their home is our 10 x 12 chicken coop. We bought a metal watering trough, put pine shavings in the bottom with a watering device and a feeder. Michael closed up the door that leads to the outside pen to keep them safe. Above the trough is a red heat lamp. If they are cold they will sit under it and move away when they are warm enough.

Here is a little Australorp sleeping


They seem to figure out the water and food pretty easily.

DSC_8928      DSC_8927

This little Ameraucana seems to like to sit on top of the feeder.


There is a chance that some of these may be boys but at this point we believe them to be girls.

Score: Girls  13     Boys   5

Ok, so I didn’t include the geese but that is only because we really don’t know who is what. Of the eight we know there is at least one girl so that still puts the GIRLS in the majority!

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3 Responses to Chicks Rule

  1. Karren Espalin says:

    Oh, how your stories make me smile! I am sure you will write a book someday.
    The chicks are soooo cute!

    Let’s seeif I can follow your storyline. As you know, God also blessed me with all males: 2 sons, 2 grandsons, 2 male beagles, Zeuss, Luke #1(Brian’s dog), 2 cats, and Danny. That is 11 males and I am one. But I have my adopted family Bethany, Alexandra, and Madeline, but also Jacob. So I am still outnumbered 12 to 4!! You win, chick. Love, Karren

  2. Karren Espalin says:

    Oh! I forgot you! That makes 12 to 5, but you still win if you count me. Karren

  3. Saundra Stebbing says:

    Come on Karen. We know who rules the roost around there. Just kidding.
    Love you

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