Adventures on our Homestead

Breakfast Egg Mini Tarts (freezable)


I make breakfast for my guys every morning. I like to feed them things high in protein. It seems they do better in school when they get a healthy, protein rich breakfast. Some mornings I have more work to do in the barn and it is helpful to have something healthy already made for breakfast […]

How Does Our Garden Start ?


  On March 29th we planted some of our seeds for our 2015 garden. We have a seed starting rack with lights that Bryn gave us years ago when she upgraded to a HUGE new one. We put it in the sun room. Here is what we have started: Tomatillo 3 types of tomatoes (2 […]

Alien Babies


Our two newest additions to our herd went to see the vet on Wednesday. This is what they came home looking like… Randy Jessie Those silver colored circles are evidence that the babies have been disbudded. What on earth is DISBUDDING? It is the removal of their ability to grow horns. Most goats naturally grow […]

Canning Homemade Chicken Stock


This is a staple in my kitchen. It is tastes so good and it is incredibly healthy since you control the ingredients. One of my favorite cook books is the “Dairy Hollow House Soup and Bread: A Country Inn Cookbook.” I have other favorite recipes from it that I’ll share in the future but today […]

Video of Nigerian Dwarf Goat Babies


       We are completely enamored with our new kids. Pictures are one thing but a video gives you a real life view of just how cute they are. Without further adieu I introduce you to the greatly animated kids of Salt Creek Acres. I hope this put a smile on your face. Enjoy […]

Breaking a Broody Bird


Yup. It has happened. We have a chicken that wants to be a mom in a really bad way. How do I know this? My first clue was when I noticed that she was in a nesting box while all the other chickens were roaming around. Yes, there were multiple eggs (from multiple chickens) under […]

New Chicken Run


I made an executive decision a week ago Friday. We skipped math and history so we could get chores done. Michael had to be out of town for the weekend working and we didn’t want him to have too many chores to do when he returned home. First on the list was moving all the […]

It’s a Boy…..and a Girl


Welcome to the first kids born at Salt Creek Acres. I guess we should back up about 38 hours and tell you how we arrived at this scene. Thursday, April 2, I was out at the barn at a little before 7:00 a.m. I checked Brown Sugar’s tail ligaments and had a difficult time finding […]

Flying Chickens


As you know, we have been letting our chickens enjoy the weeds and bugs in our garden area. We put them out mid-morning and take them back in at dusk. If they are there. The first time it happened was while Michael and the boys were camping. I had put the chickens out in the […]

A Pregnant Brown Sugar


Here is Brown Sugar when we brought her home last June. She wasn’t quite a year old and very lean. Here she is today. Pregnant belly. Her udder is forming. Those teets better get bigger before I milk her! Here is a shot of Halley Berry from the top. No idea if she is pregnant. […]

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