Adventures on our Homestead

My Kitchen Adventures


I thought I would take some pictures of a few of the things going on in my kitchen. In the photo above, I wanted to make “Triple Berry Scones” from my latest issue of Cooks Country. I was measuring my ingredients when my boys came in and announced that they too wanted to make their […]

Michael and His Girls


One morning I took some great  pictures of Michael with the goats. We both go out to get the barn chores done and then some mornings we have time to sit and pet the goats. I thought I would share the photos. Show you just how much the goats love him. Jessie loves attention from […]

Basil Cubes


One of the things I needed to harvest this past week was basil. I have five pots of basil and it grows quickly. It was time to preserve it. Long before I ever had anything that could be called a garden (even by city standards) I’ve grown basil. Fresh basil adds so much flavor to […]



We have so many beautiful birds around our home. Above is an Osprey in a tree by the pond. It is fun to notice the cycle of birds as some migrate through and others are here all year long. Our first venture into science was using Apologia’s “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day”. We bought […]

A Variety of Happenings


While Michael was in St. Louis we had a tree limb fall. Michael took care of it when he returned home. I was hoping the limb would have destroyed a small tree that it is next to. I want to put an Italian Plum tree in that spot. It missed the tree. Now I have […]

Simple PULSE Professional Home Milking System


I wanted to tell you about a wonderfully, locally made milking system. Yes, we are no longer milking by hand. The week Michael was in St. Louis it became obvious that doing all the morning chores including milking two goats all before waking up the boys, making them breakfast and then beginning school wasn’t going […]

Honda TL125 restore update


So, its been a few months since the boys and I brought home the “Dirt Bike Project”, you can read about that story by clicking here, and we finally have it up and running! Cheers and Shouts. Here is what it looked like when we brought it home, pretty sad and worn out huh? When we […]

Linear Appraisal of our Goats


On June 30th we took our goats to a neighboring farm to participate in a once a year program of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) called “Linear Appraisal(L.A.).” I am not an expert on this program but I am striving to learn more. This post will explain what L.A. is and why we chose […]

Sadness has Visited Salt Creek Acres


On Tuesday our wonderful dog, Luke, died. It still makes me cry to think about it. I loved him very much. We all loved him very much. In case you don’t know Luke’s story let me back up about a year. We first met Luke when we looked at a house for sale in Yamhill […]

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