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I love canning with tomatoes. Usually I grow an abundant amount of tomatoes. So many that I give a lot away. Not so this year. My tomatoes have been pathetic. It is the great disappointment in the garden. Not sure what the culprit is but the heat probably had a lot to do with it. […]

Frogs Legs


Joshua has enjoyed hunting bull frogs. They are the only thing that he is allowed to shoot whenever he wants. According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, bullfrogs are invasive and destructive and should be destroyed. Music to a preteen, gun toting boy’s ears. Usually he gets in the canoe and shoots from that […]

An Observation


I’m not sure if I have talked enough about Halle and food. We have called her our resident foodie in other posts. If you spent time with her you would say that “resident foodie” doesn’t fully express her love of food. When the other goats will turn their noses up at something new, Halle is […]

No Waste. It’s a Good Thing.


I dried more apples and again I realized how little food we waste. Since we grow our own apples I chose to not work so hard around blemishes, bugs etc. I just cut those parts out and put them in the waste bowl. But the waste bowl doesn’t actually go to waste. I can give […]

Mowing the Lower Acreage


This summer Michael wanted to have someone cut, or “hay”, the lower acreage. This would do a much cleaner job of cutting and removing the grass clippings from the field than the brush-cutter on our tractor, which leaves the cut grass laying on the ground. He thought he would be able to find someone who […]

Changes are Hard on More Than Humans


Randy and Storm left Friday afternoon and on Saturday we expanded the stall for the does. If you look at where Joshua is standing you will see a post behind him against the wall. A wall was there which made a smaller stall that we put the babies in at night so we could milk […]

Chickens Don’t Mind Goats


Every morning when I head to the barn I pass the chicken coop and hear the chickens stirring inside. They go to bed early and wake up early ( I can relate to them). Most of the time I open their coop before I open the barn. For a while the chickens have been leaving […]

Two Fewer Goats


On Friday a nice family from Battleground Washington came down and bought Storm and Randy. It was really hard to see them go. I’m so grateful that they both went to the same home. I don’t think I would have sold them to two different homes. Because they are boys most farms don’t keep them. […]

Zucchini Fries


If you grow zucchini or have ever grown zucchini you know how prolific a producer the plant is. A couple of years ago I ran across a great way to use zucchini. Even those big ones that grow to a large size seemingly overnight. The recipe comes from a very popular blog called “Chocolate Covered […]

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