Adventures on our Homestead

Homemade Hummus in a Vita Mix


We love hummus. I was first introduced to it when I worked at The Alexis. A family owned Greek restaurant in downtown Portland. I loved it from the first bite. They made fresh bread daily and you would often find the servers in the back room snacking on hummus, bread , feta and Kalamata Olives. […]

Hazardous Pay


On Saturday I decided to try to pull some of the thistle that grows in the girls outdoor pen. It had rained this week ,which made the soil softer, and the thistles were easier to pull out. Our goats don’t eat thistles. You probably already know that goats are great climbers. They love to climb […]

We’ve Made it a Year


Today is our one year anniversary of moving from here to here. I thought it would be nice to look back at how things have changed. I’ll zip through the changes we’ve made to the place. We’ve added some toys…..oh yeah, I’m supposed to call them tools. We cleaned a really dirty barn. We added […]

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Homeschool ...


On Friday the boys and I went to Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Each month, during the school year, they offer a homeschool class on a certain topic. The topic for the May class was VE Day. Although we are members and would be able to attend the class at a discounted rate, I chose […]

Copycat Starbucks Greek Yogurt Parfait


Almost one year ago I was in Portland by myself for a few days and ate breakfast at Starbucks each morning. I had my huge Chai Tea and a Greek Yogurt Parfait. As I sat scarfing down enjoying my breakfast I thought to myself, ” I could make this and for a lot less money.” […]

Kids are Cute from all Angles


All the does enjoyed a little more time in the grass.        I just love how the “babies” stick together. Best buds. So cute. Even from behind. What can I say. I’m smitten Karen  

The Many Mothers That I Love


I hope that each of you had a great Mother’s Day. Here are my boys coming back from picking me lovely flowers. They often pick me beautiful bouquets. They also made me a delicious breakfast that morning. We decided to go our separate ways this Mother’s Day. Not out of anger or anything like that. […]

Blue Heron in the Morning

DSC_1832 (2)

Karen and I have noticed now that spring is here and the good weather is back, so are our Great Blue Herons. Last year we had at least a couple of Great Blue Herons frequenting our pond and fishing the banks. Some say to scare them off to protect the aquatic life, but they are […]

Salmon Cakes (Freezable)


Years ago I came across this recipe in the Oregonian Food Day. It has been a staple in our house since. These salmon cakes are easy to make and taste great. Depending on what type of canned salmon you use you may have to discard skin and bones. I use the canned salmon from Costco […]

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