Adventures on our Homestead

Sadness has Visited Salt Creek Acres


On Tuesday our wonderful dog, Luke, died. It still makes me cry to think about it. I loved him very much. We all loved him very much. In case you don’t know Luke’s story let me back up about a year. We first met Luke when we looked at a house for sale in Yamhill […]

Halle Berry (the Nigerian Dwarf Goat) has babie...


The video has been trimmed, from 49 minutes down to 5:30, and is now ready for you to see. Halle brings new life to Salt Creek Acres!   To see a higher quality version, wander over to You Tube where it is uploaded in higher definition:    

Update on Babies and Other Stuff


Here they are at four days old. They are so sweet. Halle is producing a lot of milk. For whatever reason the babies are mostly eating on one side. Two times we have had to milk out her left udder because it was full and the right side was really small in comparison. Guess how […]

A Day of Clipping


One more new skill under our belts. Shaving goats. I bet my college professors can’t to that. Goodness, what have I become? Our dear friend Bryn came down for the day to help us shave all of our goats (actually just eight of them, didn’t shave the four “babies”). She brought her aluminum stanchion which […]

Goat Washing Day


Yes, we did it. We washed our goats. Why? On Wednesday we will be clipping them and it is easier to clip them and doesn’t dull your blades as quickly if they are clean when you do it. Let me just say, before you see the pictures, that goats don’t like water. Nigerian Dwarf Goats […]

Finally, Halle Berry Kids


(If you want to see the pictures in a larger size, especially the ones that are grouped together, just click on one and they ¬†will enlarge) Well now we know that Halle Berry was pregnant. It only took two kids shooting out of her before we were certain. Her timing was impeccable too. Friday June […]

Randy’s Very Bad Week


There is a cruel rule in the goat world. It says that you always wether any bucks from a first time freshener. That would be Randy. The sweetest little baby boy goat in the world. The reason you wether (fix) a buck from a first time freshener is that the mom isn’t proven as a […]

Birthdays and Birthdays and a Graduation


What a busy weekend we had. It was a fun weekend but busy with fun. That is a bit of a change for us. Usually it is the work kind of fun. On Friday our wonderful neighbors threw a big party. Their daughter Glory was graduating from high school the next day. It also happened […]

Preserving Strawberries


What did I do with all 65 pounds of strawberries? I have a variety of ways that I preserve their deliciousness. We picked on Friday and spent that day plus all day Saturday preserving them. It always begins with washing the strawberries. I just dump half a flat in to one side of my sink […]

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