Adventures on our Homestead

Fire Pit

Last night we had a fire. It was more of a utilitarian fire than the sit by the fire, roast marshmallows and keep warm. After all, it was still well into the 80’s when we lit the fire. We had a ton of old base board/trim to burn. Over the past weeks Michael has replaced the wood trim in the upstairs of the house.

This is what the old trim looked like…


He pulled out every bit of trim before the painting. Over the weeks he has purchased the new trim and meticulously stained, cut and installed each piece.

Here is our new trim…


He is so talented. He really can do anything he puts his mind to.

So back to the fire. It was big and hot.


The fire pit appears to be the end of a very big tank of some sort resting on cement blocks. Great idea.

Nicholas was in charge of the fire.


He worked hard to burn up all of that trim.


It didn’t take long to get it done.


It is pretty cool to burn up stuff rather than take it to the dump. We think it’s a good thing.

Enjoy the day. It’s going to be another hot one.


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  1. Karren Espalin Karren Espalin
    August 12, 2014    

    Yes, Michael is very talented and everything he attempts he does well. God has gifted him as he has gifted us all. The woodwork is beautiful…and everything else that you and Michael have accomplished in just 3-4 months. Karen, you also do all well that you set out to do. God has blessed both of you with ENERGY and DRIVE to go forth as the Holy Spirit leads. As you know, I title you Mr. and Mrs A, to His glory. That is why He put us on this earth…to give Him glory and have a relationship with Him. Nicholas, I love the “soldier stance”. You have been so good at it for so long…since maybe 2. Do you still want to be in the armed services. As your mom said, you would make a good commander- in- chief. Love, Mom, Karren and Grandma

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